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About Us

Our Vision

Our school is built on the belief that the earliest years of a child's life are the most formative and critical determinants of their development. At the Aleph Bet Preschool, we create a warm, loving, and safe environment with individualized care and nurture to make sure every child thrives physically, academically, and socio-emotionally.

Educational Philosophy

We anchor our program on learning through the arts and the play-based approach. Our children spend the day exploring, experiencing, playing, and creating. From our youngest toddlers to our preschoolers, our students are exposed to a world full of art, music, and nature.

Our children learn through innovative and creative activities that are both teacher-led and self-directed. We follow the child's lead, using their interests to create points of study through a variety of motor, cognitive, and social skills.


As a Jewish educational center, the moral values of Judaism are woven naturally throughout all our disciplines so that they become both a meaningful and treasured part of our children's lives.

We are proud to offer Hebrew language immersion as part of our preschool program. Each of our classes has a native Hebrew speaker as part of the teacher team.

Our Staff

Our teachers and assistants are selected for their gentle love and care they have for our children. They are passionate about educating and instilling our children with the values, knowledge and life skills that will serve as the foundation of their education and growth as proud Jews.


Claudia aguiler

Rochel Levertov Director

Rochel Levertov


janayana alencar

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 Shternie Nemirovsky

Tali Teitelbaum

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jasmine Hampton 

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